About Us


The brand

A brand that symbolizes the very essence of beauty.

Mezame was born from a passion and the desire to share with you the benefits of the African continent, with a sole purpose of empowering African business women to grow their businesses sustainably and enter into global markets using fair trade principles.

Our goal is to promote the richness of the African continent through a range of products for your skin, body and hair made from pure organic nutrients, made with naturally-sourced ingredients to make you look and feel your best. We want to help you bring out your natural flow.

We wished to act with a deep respect for biodiversity, nature and animals.

Our products

All product lines are manufactured in an artisanal way and contains no (or an infinitely small amount of) chemical residues from fertilisers and pesticides, offering an optimal level of nutrients. Our ingredients are rigorously selected from the best plants and plant extracts across the continent.

Get the best from Africa with our offer of products infused with the purifying properties of organic ingredients which are recognized for their multiple virtues: antioxidant, regenerating, anti-aging, protective and restorative, moisturizing, softening, emollient, nourishing, healing, anti-inflammatory, soothing, anti-stress ...

Our products do not contain any hidden ingredients, synthetic fragrances, parabens or SLS.

Our ingredients

100% natural
Mezame is a 100% natural brand which means that all the ingredients in our products come from plants, vegetable oils and vegetable butters. We use only the purest of natural ingredients to deliver maximum results. All the oils are extracted by first cold pressing on the same day they are harvested, ensuring the seed’s natural properties are retained, which guarantees their quality. We never compromise on quality, from seeds to the plant-based extracts. ...

Mezame has chosen to use wild harvested ingredients that require less resources upfront that are readily available to the women in the rural areas of the countries we work with. We focus on these ingredients because they provide a good level of sustainability so the women we work with are able to make an immediate income with little skills training at minimal cost. These particular ingredients have been chosen because of their high nutrient value and the demand for such nutrients in western markets are skyrocketing. They are proving to be a precious source of active ingredients much appreciated by the skin.

Discover the virtues of each plant on the “ our ingredients” page.

Our Commitments

At Mezame we believe in a fair world, where everyone has the opportunities to lead a good life.

As a socially conscious businesse, we are concerned with creating prosperity in areas plagued by unemployment and remote rural access, empowering women, and taking care of our environment. embracing their responsibility to have a positive impact on the well-being of the communities they benefit from on the planet. Our Vision : enabling communities to trade their way out of poverty by accessing international markets.

1. Our suppliers
Beyond̀ the desire to sublimate you, Mezame goes further and is committed to promoting access to work for women in rural areas on the African continent. We are quite selective about who we collaborate with and will only work with partners that embrace our higher vision.

The fruits used for some of our products are harvested by a cooperative of women supported by the brand in a fair trade approach. We purchase directly our products from the women in rural cooperatives, GICs of rural producers, associations and groups of farmers, all around Africa.

Charity is not what they need or want!
Generous, energetic, with a cheerful spirit, our hard-working and passionate women want what we all want—not a handout, but a job. For many of these women it’s not just about getting a job,It’s about self-respect. More than just money for food, shelter, and clothing, they suffer deficits of purpose, emotional ­well-being, and social connection. These things can’t be compensated for by government income transfers or charitable gifts. A dignified secure job provides a paycheck which boosts self-confidence and establishes financial freedom of choice therefore enabling investments into housing, food, education, healthcare, disaster funds and perhaps even savings. Giving them a hand up rather than a handout is the only way to create self-respect and permanent improvement in their lives, rather than temporary improvement. The women we collaborate with are bold ,they tackle daunting goals and tasks with grace. We want to show them that their product is valued by customers willing to pay for it. Every purchase of MEZAME products lead to lasting improvements in their lives.

2. Made in Africa
Promoting African manufacturing means first and foremost ensuring the expertise of African producers and their commitment that is perfectly compatible with our philosophy. But it also means encouraging a world where African communities thrive, trading on equal terms with the rest of the world. The western markets are unaware of the variety and high quality of African products. We are striving to bridge the awareness gap. We believe that capturing the value of natural resources locally is the key to generating wealth and jobs. We are proud to work with Africa’s finest producers and show the world the amazing array of finished goods that are coming from the continent.

3. Our packaging
Packaging plays many important roles in ensuring our products meet the highest quality and safety standards. It protects ingredients as they move from farms to factories and finished products as they move to store shelves and finally to you, the consumers. They also help in providing you with helpful information such as nutrition information and portion guidance.

We’re proud of our products, but deeply concerned about the impact of packaging waste on the environment. Because we believe there is no such thing as a sustainable product in an unsustainable packaging, our plastic packaging are designed to be fully reusable or recyclable.

By reducing the packaging, we don’t need, we believe we can help build a circular economy where packaging never becomes waste.

We have made the choice to use glass only for a couple of our products. Firstly because it’s a sure way to preserve their quality. Furthermore, even if glass might seem more ecological, it causes several major problems: its manufacture, its weight and its recycling, which is not ideal. Our plastic packaging are 100% recyclable (not mixed with metal).

4. Other actions
Protection of primary forests

Mezame is committed to the "Coeur de Forêt" association which fights for the preservation and the protection of forests in Africa. "Coeur de Forêt" is also involved in the guidance of small producers in sustainable agriculture and forestry and also works to raise awareness among local populations and schools about the preservation of biodiversity. The association is committed to environmental activism, but is also committed to people.

5. What’s Next ?
Immediate future plans for Mezame include obtaining a USDA organic certification and be Certified B Corps, expanding into Europe and producing finished products for the African market. Most of the products have received the COSMOS certification and are certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE SAS, our complete range of products is in the process of finalization of certification.

The company will also be conducting more entrepreneurial training of the women in Africa through collaborations with other organizations in order to provide technical and financial support to increase employment, production and marketing.