Chebe Powder : 8 Reasons to Start Using it in Your Hair

What Is Chebe Powder?

Chebe powder (or Chébé Powder) has been used for centuries by women in Africa as part of their hair care ritual.

The reddish-brown powder is a blend of several herbs, including shébé seeds (from the Croton zambesicus plant), mahleb seeds (Prunus mahaleb), clove, missic stone, and samour resin.

Women of countries like Chad, Niger, Northern Nigeria, South Sudan, and parts of Ethiopia, Cameroon, and the Central African Republic, use it as a means to protect their hair from damaging and to prevent it from breakage.

The powder can be used on all hair types but is most commonly used on curly hair and kinky hair.


What are the benefits of using chebe powder?

Chebe powder is used to reconstruct and strengthen the bond and shaft of the hair. When applied to the hair shaft, it forms a protective barrier around the individual hair strands that helps with moisture retention and improves the elasticity of the hair.

Benefits for hair : 

  1. Helps hair retain length
  2. Locks in moisture
  3. Reduces breakage
  4. Mildly exfoliates the scalp
  5. Keeps hair color vibrant
  6. Acts as a leave-in
  7. Acts as a hair mask
  8. Acts as a scrub


How to Use Chebe Powder?

It’s important that Chebe Powder is used correctly in order to achieve the desired results. The powder should be applied on clean, damp hair. The treatment may not be as effective if the hair is wet, dirty or dry.

To use as a Pre-Shampoo hair mask: 

  • Mix equal amounts of Mezame Chebe Powder with an oil of your choice until it forms a paste (be careful to stir down to the bottom of the bowl, as the powder may settle). 
  • After detangling the hair and apply the mixture to a section of the hair, focusing especially on the ends and avoid getting the powder on the scalp.
  • Braid the section immediately after applying the powder.
  • Wet braids with water one last time. 
  • Cover hair for at least 2 hours in order to trap in heat from your scalp and increase the moisturizing properties of the powder.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Continue with your wash routine. 
(Chadian women do not rinse out the mixture.)

To use as a Leave-In:  

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of Mezame Chebe Powder with 2 fl oz of oil of choice (or shea butter) until it forms a paste.
  • Apply the paste to wet hair only along the shaft of the hair.
  • Style as usual and carry for up to 3 days before washing.


*We suggest you do a patch test with the product in a small section following these steps prior before putting it on all of your hair.


How Often to Use Chebe Powder?

You can use Chebe Powder as often as you want. Chadian women do a chebe powder treatment twice per week for maximum length retention.


Are There Any Side Effects?

If used as directed, there shouldn’t be any major side effects when using Chebe Powder. However caution to those with sensitivities to natural ingredients. make sure you double-check the ingredients before start using.


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